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Lee Kian Lie

Technical Underwater Cave Explorer

Lee Kian Lie is a technical underwater cave explorer who has explored North West Malaysia, Ipoh, Kuantan, Sulawesi, and many other locations. Currently, he is working on a cave exploration project in Sg Lembing, Malaysia with his exploration team. Sg Lembing Mines is one of the deepest at tin mines in the world at 700m. It stopped operations in 1986. Mr Lee discovered a passage to the mining area that was 50m deep along with a few other yet-to-be explored passages. Most exciting about Sg Lembing is his discovery of possible new marine species yet to be identified.

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Mark Hedger

PADI Regional Manager

Mark has worked and lived in Malaysia for more than 20 years as a PADI Course Director and in recent years the PADI Regional Manager.  Mark has dived all over Malaysia, managed 5star dive centres and owned a successful dive business in Kota Kinabalu for more than 8 years. Mark brings with him a wealth of dive industry experience and professional skills to support PADI Members in the region.

Julian Hyde

General Manager

Reef Check Malaysia

Julian Hyde has been the General Manager of Reef Check Malaysia since 2007. RCM conducts marine conservation programmes around Malaysia, focusing on stakeholder participation in management and conservation, building resilience of ecosystems and communities, and protecting the connectivity between marine ecosystems.

Aminor Azmi bin Abdul Latip

Managing Director/ Founder

Luma’ Selakan

Founder of Luma’ Selakan, Aminor’s focus on improving the profile of Luma’ Selakan as an underwater macro paradise in Malaysia. Providing a “home away from home” service, the team  provides full diving services to visitors.

John Low
Founder Adventure with John Sdn Bhd

John Low is a founder of Adventure with John Sdn Bhd. An entrepreneur holding an MBA from Australia’s Macquarie University, John is also certified Course Director under the National Dive League, and has certified more than 5000 divers over the years. He is passionate about educating others,, especially the young generation on survival skills in the wild. He considers himself the think tanker and history shaker.

Syamsyahidah Samsol
Scientific Coordinator,
Sea Turtle Research Unit (SEATRU)

Responsible in managing and training of volunteers on weekly basis, supervising interns and assisting researchers at the Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary, Pulau Redang, Terengganu, Malaysia. Assisted in sea turtle rehabilitation and medicine experiences began during my internship at National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (NMMBA), Taiwan in department of Sea Turtle: Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release.

Assoc Prof Dr Tan Chun Hong

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Chun Hong, also known as James is a lecturer at the Faculty of Science and Marine Environment, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. He is a trained marine biologist with research focus on the benthic communities. His has great interest in coral biology and ecology. He explore the reproduction of hard corals and record coral spawning events around Malaysia. Throughout over two decades of research career he has applied multiple methods to collect the scientific data and develop a set of diving for science purposes that would like to share with the public.

Shafraz Naeem ‘Shaff’
Technical Diver &SSI Instructor
Shafraz Naeem, known to everyone as Shaff, started his diving career in 1994. As an experienced SSI instructor and an ex-military dive instructor, he has extensive knowledge of diving all over the Maldives. He trained the Maldivian Special Forces, Marines, and the Coast Guard in diving. And has explored deep cave systems and is exploring the deep reefs and caves in the Maldives. In the past 14 years, he has built a successful career in underwater photography and is an award-winning underwater photographer. His underwater photographs have been published in various international magazines. In February 2022, he also pulled off a continuous 50-hour scuba dive in the Maldives.

Dr Andrew Ng

Brig Gen Dr Andrew Ng, Head of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Services, Malaysian Armed Forces

Dr Andrew Ng is a diving and hyperbaric medicine specialist and consultant anaesthesiologist of the Malaysian Armed Forces. He is experienced in diving medicine having worked as a diving medicine physician in Malaysia and Australia. He is the president of Asian Hyperbaric and Diving Medical Association (AHDMA) and previously sat on the Board of Directors of DAN Asia-Pacific.

William Tan

Underwater Photographer

A violinist with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, William earned his scuba diving certification in 1994. Thereafter, without his prized antique Italian violin, he travels extensively between concert seasons throughout the Pacific region photographing marine life for scientific institutions, camera and housing manufacturers, tourism organizations, dive magazines and resorts. William works closely with Canon Singapore, and is generously sponsored by Fourth Element Equipment for Adventure, Fun-In Underwater Photo Equipment, Nauticam International Limited, RGBlue Underwater Lighting System, and Scubalamp Underwater Photography Equipment.

Imran Ahmad

Professional Underwater Photographer

Imran Ahmad is one of Asia’s most celebrated and widely published underwater photographer. He has been capturing the magnificence of life both below and above the water’s surface for more than 22 years. Known for his experimental photography with light and motion, Imran holds a Bachelor of Arts in filmmaking from Middlesex University; and is an ambassador for Mares, Nikon, Blancpain Ocean Commitment, SEACAM, RGB Lights (Japan) and DAN Insurance. He is also a member of the Ocean Artist Society and spends much of his time educating others on the skill.

Imran is also behind ESCAPEINC ASIA, a photographically inspired showroom in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore that runs photo inspired adventures around the world. His business as a distributor of underwater photographic equipment also keeps him busy.



One of the pioneers in the tourism industry of Sabah and is now retired. With much free time to his disposal now, he leisurely indulges in his passion for diving by spending time underwater, birding and nature photography. Also an active conservationist, he dedicates his time and energy towards conservation efforts of Sabah’s natural resources.


Managing Director/Founder
One Ocean Empire

Monica believes it is important to impart knowledge and shared experiences with the wider community via education and awareness activities. She believes that when people know, they will care, and when they start to care, they will protect. “All of us depend on a healthy & sustainable lifestyle to survive for generations to come”. Nature is our only lifetime asset and must be fully protected.


Scuba Network’s Founder / IANTD Course Director

Azman Kamaluddin, started his diving career as professional underwater photographer since 2004. Built up Diving Company of Scuba Network in 2014 and finally own Dive Operator in Dungun, Terengganu which mainly taking divers dive in Tenggol Island and also the first IANTD (International Association Nitrox& Technical Divers) silver facility in Malaysia. He is as an IANTD Scuba Instructor trained many Malaysia Government Civil Services in diving, advisor in diving safety and has been invited in several talks by government agencies. His professional experience in teaching divers and hard training promotes him achieved to higher level as IANTD Course Director recently. He is the first in Malaysia who bring this O’Dive technology innovation and introducing this tool to help divers improve the safety of their dive profiles with the goal of preventing DCS

Leftenan Colonel (R) Dr Clement Limus Apong

Leftenan Colonel (Retired) Dr Clement Limus Apong was trained by the Royal Malaysian Navy, Royal Australian Navy in diving medicine and the French Submarine Force in submarine medicine. With nearly 20 years of working experience using hyperbaric chamber to treat international recreational divers, military divers, submariners, local divers and even the world free diving record holder from the Team USA, he is one of the only few experienced and trusted hyperbaric physicians in the country. He remains active in private practice to continue serving the diving community with his hyperbaric chamber and by giving talks too

Trieu Huynh

Founder of trshbg

Trieu is a designer, innovation coach, musician and creator of trshbg, the ocean clean up bag for divers/surfers/hikers made from upcycled materials. The bags are handmade from old banners, scooter tubes and rafting boats.

Rob Patridge

1. Founder of Temple Adventures (2007), Currently India’s largest Dive Operation.
2. Founder of East Coast Water Sports Pvt Ltd (2010), launching Coastal and Military Security forces Inland dive training, nationwide dive training materials supply, diver travel and Instructor level training. Current formal position is Board Advisor.
3. Founder of launching Proscuba Marine Technology Pvt Ltd (2014). Nationwide Exclusive Distributor for global diving OEM brands, including Scubapro. Current position is Technical Director.
4. Founder of Dash and Sim Pty Ltd (2019), Australia and Global. Development of future technology training materials for the diving industry. Current formal position is COO
5. Tastec Pty Ltd Global. Space technology in buildings. Current formal position is President Special Products.

Mohd Dalila Bin Hj, Mansor

Raid Examiner

  • He Has 25 Years Of Diving Experiences
  • 6000 Dives Logged In Various Countries
  • 3500 Certifications For Various Diving Levels
  • Qualified Instructor And Ldp For All Raid Courses
  • Member Of DAN
  • Owns And Manages His Dive Center Pdrm Pulapol Kuala Lumpur


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