Meet Our Speakers

Lieutenant Colonel, Dr. Clement Limus Apong

Hyperbaric medicine specialist

Dr. Clement is a diving and hyperbaric medicine specialist with international training and experience. He served as a Diving Medical Officer in the Malaysian Armed Forces for 13 years, stationed mainly in Sabah where most diving activities and cases took place. Transferred to Hospital Tuanku Mizan KL in 2012, he continued to see diving cases in West Malaysia. In 2015, he left the service to join a private practice and recently started a hyperbaric facility, Klinik Clement, which continues to treat divers.

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Tracey Jennings


With 20 years of diving experience and now a master diver, Tracey only started underwater photography five years ago. She currently uses a Nikon D850 with a Seacam underwater housing. She hopes her photographs can inspire others to protect the wonder of the underwater world.

With the underwater world as her place of calm and silence in this hectic world, Tracey named the Solomon Islands, Cocos Islands, Philippines, Indonesia (Raja Ampat), South Africa and the Azores as her favourite places to dive so far. Having just moved to Malaysia after living in Singapore for 10 years she’s looking forward to exploring the waters of Malaysia.

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Suzan Meldonian

Owner of

Suzan shoots marine aliens for a living. Her recent adventure was black water diving, where she photographed planktonic aliens from the deep that rise to the surface each night in what is called the vertical migration. It is the largest migration on Earth and it occurs every night all over the world. While not new to science, it is ground-breaking territory for underwater photographers. The creatures are spectacular and the possibilities are endless to document new species and behaviour in-situ.

Monica Chin


A widely known passionate diver and conservationist in North Borneo, Monica spent seven years to help raise awareness on the impact on pollution on the environment and marine world via events, educational activities, community projects for the youth and more. Recognising the danger of plastic pollution, Monica continues to share her knowledge on reducing the use of plastic to live a more sustainable lifestyle.In 2019, she turned her focus on her social enterprise business and as an advocate of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #13, #14, #15 and #17. She believes changing habits and shifting the mind-set can significantly and positively impact the ocean and planet.

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Nurul Yazid

Underwater Photographer

For as long as she can remember, Nurul has always been fascinated by the ocean. She learnt to swim at the age of 3 and was already snorkelling with fishes by the time she was 5. Whilst kids her age aspired to be firemen, doctors or their favourite superheroes, she wanted to be a dolphin trainer. She always knew that one way or another she would end up being a part of the underwater world.

After quitting her corporate life in Kuala Lumpur, Nurul followed her dreams to become a Dive Instructor. She worked on various paradise islands including the Perhentians, Mabul and Pom Pom Island, where she won multiple awards for her outstanding achievement as a PADI Instructor.

Whether she is swimming with sharks in the Bahamas or fighting against the strong currents in Indonesia, it is always with a camera in one hand and her eyes wide open – “ I try my utmost to document and create stories through my photography”.

Roni Ben-Aharon

Sales Manager Asia and Europe
Atlantis Dive Resort & Liveaboard

Roni has spent the last decade holding management and marketing roles in the dive industry. Marrying industry knowledge with her strong passion for conservation, Roni actively promotes sustainable dive tourism while raising awareness for marine conservation. She currently heads sales in Asia and Europe at Atlantis Dive Resorts Philippines.

Hj Syed Abd Rahman Syed Hassan

Ambassador of Dive Heart Malaysia.

Founder and Director of Kids Scuba dive school in Malaysia. Hj Syed Abd Rahman Syed Hassan is the Ambassador Diveheart Malaysia, a PADI IDC Staff Instructor and and PADI Youth Diving Advisory committee based in US. Hj Syed is the Advisor for Standards and Ratings to the National Dive Council NDC Malaysia under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture MOTAC, he is  the Chairman for the ISO Recreational Scuba Diving Standards committee Malaysia.

He loves teaching and motivating Kids, Teens and Persons With Disabilities PWD  in the sports of Scuba Diving. His passion in the sport has motivated Hj Syed to start Kids Scuba in 2004. Scuba diving has changed his perception and awareness of the marine environment. His dedication and commitment to promote scuba diving for Kids, Teenagers, Orphan and Disabled Youth has earned him International Awards & Recognitions for Diveheart and PADI  Kids Scuba program since 2005 to date.

Takuya Torii

INON INC corporate Messenger Boy

Takuya is a corporate messenger by delivering message from INON and collecting feedback from market. Over his 15 years carrier with INON, he always loves meeting ocean lovers and learning their passion for the ocean. Takuya is often at dive shows carrying his movable booth filled with many demonstration unit and prototype products. Here speaking at #MIDE2020, Takuya will share corporate message and introduce the latest equipment from INON. If you have INON, please bring them to his talk to solve your question!

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Norhayati Ahmad

Professor / Chairperson of Langkawi Research Centre

With a PhD in Zoology and specialising in herpetology, Norhayati is a professor in Biological Sciences and Biotechnology at UKM. Awarded four times for quality of service, winning six national book awards and bagging the title of Best of Show Category in photography during MIDE 2018, Norhayati has also published more than 94 journals, 12 books, 24 technical reports and made countless contributions to many other literary and editorial publications. As an Advanced NAUI SCUBA and a certified Reef Check Reef Check Eco diver of the Organisation since 2010, she has also established an international outreach as a collaborator, recipient of scholarships to the UK, Japan and Australia.

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Sofi Aida Sugiharto

Underwater Photographer

A mother of three, Sofi has been an avid diver since 2004, thanks to her husband. In 2006, she picked up underwater photography and since then, her photos have been widely published with one even making the cover of a Russian underwater magazine.

Recently in 2017, she become one of the 21 female photographers chosen by Canon Indonesia, to represent them and called “Srikandi Canon”. Last year, she won the Adam Malik memorial award at the ‘Salon Foto Indonesia 40’. This year, she achieved QPSA distinction from the Photographic Society of America.

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Dr Nik Nadirah

Medical Doctor & Diver

Nik Nadirah is a medical doctor and beginner diver. With a passion for the outdoors and adventure, she is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine at the University of Malaya. She is also a team member running the Sports Medicine Clinic in University Malaya Medical Centre, UMMC.

Nooraishah Arshad

Malaysia Amputee Paralympic Wheelchair Fencing Team / PADI Diver

After losing her right leg in 2013 to bone cancer, Aishah faced many challenges while adopting to the new changes in her life.  Determined to live her best life, Aishah overcame many obstacles and has been a member of the Malaysia Amputee Paralympic Wheelchair Fencing Team since 2017. She also represents Malaysia in the Wheelchair Fencing Competition in Montreal and Jakarta. When friends of hers suggested she include scuba diving as part of her physical therapy, she jumped right in. She fell in love with the feeling of weightlessness and freedom from the restraints of being in a wheelchair or on crutches. This quickly led to her gaining her PADI open water diver certification in 2019.

Dr Basri Husin

Secretary for Malaysian Spinal Cord Injury Advocacy Association (MASAA)

Basri Husin (PhD) has been a person with disability (PWD) since November 2014. However, this did not stop him from learning to scuba dive in April 2016. Under the watchful eyes of scuba instructor Syed Abdul Rahman Syed Hassan (Kids Scuba Malaysia) and his team, the experience gave Dr Basri the confidence and determination to undergo water therapy. Scuba diving became a source of motivation and support, where he’s been encouraging friends with PWD to give the sport a go as both a social activity and as a form of exercise. Dr Basri is currently the secretary for Malaysian Spinal Cord Injury Advocacy Association (MASAA), where he aims to empower and enable people with spinal cord injuries to become more inclusive in society.

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Alvin Chelliah

Reef Check Malaysia

Alvin Chelliah has been diving since he was in high school. After completing his Master’s Degree in Marine Science from the National University of Malaysia he joined Reef Check. He has been promoting community involvement in marine resource management on Tioman island for the last 6 years. He has also been actively promoting the Green Fins approach to sustainable diving around Malaysia since 2014.

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Trieu Huynh

Designer, musician, innovation coach, creator of trshbg.

Trieu will share the story of trshbg, what trshbg wants to achieve, our products, its radically new way of creating innovation, the recycling program at this dive show and the future ahead.

Dr Mastura Mahamed

Senior Lecturer University Putra Malaysia

Mastura is a senior lecturer at University Putra Malaysia. She is actively involved with advocacy work, particularly for the disabled community. She is currently serving as the vice president for Gabungan Anak-Anak Palsi Serebrum (GAPS) among others, and is involved in UPM’s mission to become a more inclusive university. Most recently she has been exploring adaptive scuba diving and have qualified to become a certified PADI scuba diver.

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Dr Yew Chung Khian

Master of Rehabilitation Medicine / PADI open water diver

Dr.Yew Chung Khian is a Master of Rehabilitation Medicine candidate at University Malaya Medical Centre. A graduate from Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy (NNSMA), Russia, Dr.Yew is also a Certified Medical Impairment Assessor (CMIA), and a physician at Exercise is Medicine Malaysia (EIMM).

Dr. Yew is a qualified PADI open water diver, who is currently training for his advanced open water diver course. He is also a qualified PADI adaptive support diver, a Diveheart Malaysia volunteer, and advocates an active lifestyle in PWDs. He volunteers for adaptive diving and cerebral palsy frame football to empower and enable the PWDs to become more inclusive in society.

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Dr Philip Lim

Sectary General for the Malaysian Reef Eco-Conservation Society

A conservation diver and the Sectary General for the Malaysian Reef Eco-Conservation Society (MYRES), Dr. Lim will be sharing and discussing how marine conservation might be the answer to climate change. Dr. Lim believes that creating functional artificial reefs will contribute and significantly impact existing marine conservation efforts.

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Lee Kian Lie

Technical Underwater Cave Explorer

Lee Kian Lie is a technical underwater cave explorer who has explored North West Malaysia, Ipoh, Kuantan, Sulawesi, and many other locations. Currently, he is working on a cave exploration project in Sg Lembing, Malaysia with his exploration team. Sg Lembing Mines is one of the deepest at tin mines in the world at 700m. It stopped operations in 1986. Mr Lee discovered a passage to the mining area that was 50m deep along with a few other yet-to-be explored passages. Most exciting about Sg Lembing is his discovery of possible new marine species yet to be identified.

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Dr. Mohd Uzair Rusli

Head of Field Research Laboratory

Sea Turtle Research Unit (SEATRU)

As a Sea Turtle Research Unit (SEATRU) Team Leader, my responsible to not only doing scientific research but also actively involved in conservation activities. One of the iconic conservation program in UMT since 1998 is the SEATRU volunteer program at Chagar Hutang, Redang Island and this program has received volunteers from around the world. Besides, I am also appointed as technical advisor for many conservation projects related with sea turtles globally. Working closely in conservation science, I am hoping that more people will work together to protect their own precious natural heritage such as sea turtles, and other important marine ecosystems to ensure the survival of endangered species and towards development of sustainable society.

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Daniel Quilter

General manager

Fuze Ecoteer

Daniel’s career in Malaysia began in 2005 at Sabah Parks. In 2008, he started leading Fuze Ecoteer in the Perhentian Islands.

With a passion for a cleaner environment and less plastic litter, Daniel found a way to turn ocean and river waste into Dive Slates and other useful items.
Daniel’s work is a fine example of where passion meets creativity and opportunity.

• IANTD Instructor
• Managing Director of Red Divers Sdn Bhd and Founder of Luma Selakan

Aminor Azmi started exploring the waters of Tun Sakaran Marine Park, Semporna in 2012. By late
2013, he was exploring Selakan Island. In 2018, he founded Luma’ Selakan, the only scuba diving
operator with accommodations within the grounds of Tun Sakaran Marine Park, Semporna.