As MIDE is drawing nearer, we are gearing up and collating all the information, procedures and other necessary arrangements for the show. As such, standard operating procedure (SOP) for exhibition is in place as per MKN & KKM requirement. Therefore we kindly request for your assistance to read through the SOP and to follow through so that all parties can ensure a smooth and seamless show.

Listed below are the Exhibition Guideline for your reference and action.


AsiaEvents Exsic Sdn Bhd
Tel: +603 7980 9902 / 7981 9909
E: [email protected]
W: www.mide.com.my

Person in Charge:
Ness Puvanes
M: +6012 3322723
E: [email protected]

Thayalan Kennedy (Kenny)
M: +6012 3166490
E: [email protected]

Pico International (M) Sdn Bhd
Mr. Isaac Tan
M: +6012 6651119
E: [email protected]

Freight Forwarder
Agility Fairs & Events
Ms. Charmaine Louis
Email: [email protected]

World Trade Centre
Mr. Mohd Rizan
M: +6012 6681827
E: [email protected]

Floor Manager
M: +6017 2323303

MIDE Security
M: +6012 2559469


DateSet up Time
1 DecOfficial Contractor9.00am – 9.00pm
1 DecNon Official Contractor12.00pm – 9.00pm
DateMove In & Loading Bay ScheduleTime
2 DecExhibitors move in to set up10.00am – 9.00pm
2 DecOutside movers/transporters10.00am - 9.00pm
2 DecOfficial Freight Forwarder/Non Official Freight Forwarder10.00am – 9.00pm
DateExhibition Hall Open & CloseTime
3 - 5 DecHall opens for Exhibitors8.30am – 10.00am
3 - 5 DecLoading bay for exhibitors during event date8.30am – 10.00am
3 - 5 DecExhibition hall open & close

Friday - 3 Dec 10.00am - 7.00pm
Saturday - 4 Dec 10.00am - 7.00pm
Sunday - 5 Dec 10.00am - 7.00pm
5 DecMove out – Official Contractor/
Non-Official Contractor/
Official Freight Forwarder/
Movers / transporters / Exhibitors
7.00pm – 12.00am
Designated time will be allocated to each exhibitor utilizing loading bay

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

In light of Pandemic/Endemic situation, all exhibitors are required to follow the SOP and guidelines from Ministry of Health (KKM) and National Security Council (MKN) as below:

  1. Scan MySejahtera QR Code
  2. Temperature checking (above 37.5 is not allowed)
  3. Compulsory to wear face mask at all time
  4. ONLY vaccinated exhibitors with 2 dose (2nd dose being completed after 14days) are allowed to exhibit
  5. Sanitize your hand frequently
  6. We highly encouraged exhibitor to sanitized on high tec demo product after every use by visitors
  7. Senior Citizen above 70 year are NOT ALLOWED into the expo hall
  8. Children under 12 year old are NOT ALLOWED into the expo hall
  9. Practice Social Distancing at the booth stand
  10. Number of staff allowed on duty to handle the booth at one time is subject to booth measurement with social distancing one (1) meter or more at all time.
    • Total maximum of 2(two) exhibitors are allowed inside every 6sqm exhibition stand at one time.  
    • Total maximum of 3(three) exhibitors are allowed inside every 9sqm exhibition stand at one time.



a. Exhibitors’ Badges to be collected from the Registration Counter located at Level 2, WTC on 2 Dec 2021 between 10.00am to 8.00pm.

b. For security reasons, all exhibitors are required to wear their badge AT ALL TIMES. If any exhibitor is seen without the badge during the event/at the stand, the Organizer reserves the right to refuse the exhibitor from entering the hall.

c. Exhibitors badge are only to be used by bona-fide Exhibitors and remain the property of AsiaEvents Exsic Sdn Bhd. Misuse of Exhibitor badge can result in confiscation and expulsion from the Malaysia Intl Dive Expo (MIDE).

d. All exhibitor badges will be scanned before entry to the hall.

e. Additional badges, please fill up Form 5-Additional Badges and submit.

Exhibitor’s Manual

Exhibitors’ must fill out the necessary forms for the booth set up and the other arrangements. All forms must be submitted before the deadline 25 Nov 2021 to avoid extra charges. Please click the LINK to fill-up and submit.

Concept/Design Booth

Exhibitors must submit all concepts/design booth visuals to the Organizer by 15 Nov 2021 for approval. Any concept/design booth not approved by the Organizer will not be allowed on construction.


All exhibits must be related to diving and watersports only. Where there are products or packages not related to scuba diving, the Organizer reserves the right to expel the exhibitor from the event. Should an exhibitor like to promote a non-dive related product, kindly write to the Organizer for approval or for a further discussion.

Set-Up Exhibits at Booth

All exhibits and set up must be completed by 9.00pm on 2 Dec 2021. Setting up of exhibits during the operating house of the exhibition is strictly prohibited.

Sharing of Booth

Exhibitors who are sharing booths must notify the Organizer of the details via email. Failing to do so, the Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry.

Exhibition Booth

a. All products for sale must be clearly displayed. Organizer do not allow any products to be sold from boxes. After set up is completed, all boxes must be removed from the venue. Boxes are not allowed to be stocked up at venue or at individual booths.

b. Any handing out of flyers, brochure and leaflet must be done within the exhibitor’s booth space.

c. Items displayed must be within the booth space and should not obstruct the walkways. Items displayed outside the booth space will be moved into the booth by security without warning or notice.

d. Strictly no soliciting – Anyone found soliciting will be persecuted.

Booth Payment

All booth payment and other incidental costs must be paid on or before 25 Nov 2021 to avoid any inconvenience. No badges will be issued whilst accounts are outstanding.

Stage / Booth Activities

Exhibitors must inform the Organizer of any booth activities or presentations during the event. Impromptu activities are not allowed.

Store Room

A store room will be constructed to store-up goods and boxes. Exhibitors in need of such space must fill up the form listed in the E-Manual and submit with payment by 25 Nov 2021. Please collect the store keys from the Organizer’s Office at Hall 3 WTC on the move-in day between 2.00pm to 8.00pm.

Water Dispenser

Water dispensers are available upon request. Anyone interested must fill up the  Form 13-Water Dispenser in the E-Manual.

LED Advertising

LED Screen (measuring 10ft x 10ft) for advertising exposure is available during the 3 days expo. Take advantage of this opportunity by having your 15 second message continuously loop throughout the expo. If you are keen to advertise, please contact the Organizer at: [email protected] to book your spot. Artwork of the visual to be provided by Exhibitor.

No Plastic Bag Campaign

This year the Organizer is encouraging all exhibitors to go plastic-free. The objective is to reduce plastic bag consumption in a bid to save our environment. We very much appreciate your cooperation towards this campaign by using the biodegradable plastic or non-woven bags only.

Packed Food

Please take note that packed food are not allowed to consume at the booth stand. This is in line of the standard operating procedure (SOP).  Exhibitor Lounge will be provided within the hall, therefore it is advisable that all exhibitors consume your packed food at the lounge.

Security Check

a. Badge
All Exhibitors are requested to wear Exhibitors’ badges to enter the Exhibition Hall. The security personnel on duty will not allow any Exhibitor WITHOUT their designated badge. This is strictly NON-NEGOTIABLE for security purpose. Please advise your colleagues on duty to wear their designated badges.

b. Luggage/Bag Check
All visitors, exhibitors, trade and media luggage and bag will be checked before entry. We request all parties to corporate to avoid soliciting and or non-allowance substance into the expo. This is a strict requirement by the Organizer and World Trade Centre (WTC).

c. Dangerous and hazardous substances
No dangerous goods or hazardous substances are to be brought onto the premises without written approval from the Organizer. To obtain approval, please contact Organizer at [email protected]

Secure Your Belongings

Please secure your belongings. The Organizer will not be liable for any losses and/or damage caused.

Loading Bay

If Exhibitor need to replenish goods/products before the expo starts for the day, the loading bay/shutter will open from 8.30am – 10.00am only. Kindly arrange all loadings within the stipulated time. The WTC security will not entertain any request after the given time due to security and safety reasons.


Exhibitors utilizing loading bay, will be allocated with designated move-out time by WTC and MIDE Security after the exhibition closes. The service supplier can only enter the venue space once the exhibition is closed.

Official Freight Forwarder

Exhibitors’ are advised to ONLY engage with the Official Freight Forwarder (OFF) appointed by the Organizer. This helps to avoid any unnecessary logistical complications in the Exhibition Hall. Please click Form 9 to contact Freight Forwarder.

Official Contractors

Exhibitors are advised to engage the official contractor. This will assist to move forward the process with clear direction. Official Contractor have better understanding of the venue on all do’s and don’ts and able to assist in the installation of booth, power supply and other necessary requirement by the Exhibitor.

Non-Official Contractors

Exhibitor’s engaging external contractors must inform the Organizer via Order Form 1-Non-Official Contractor listed in the E-Manual. All non-contractors and transporters MUST abide the SOP and it is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to advise and ensure that SOP is adhered.

Parking Flat Rate

Please collect parking ticket that offers a flat rate from MIDE Info Counter at Level 2 for the 3 days event.

We kindly request all exhibitors to abide by the rules and regulation set forth above and appreciate your kind cooperation, assistance and understanding to make this expo a success for all parties.

Thank you.
MIDE Organizing Team


AsiaEvents Exsic Sdn Bhd
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Working Hours

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Expo Hours

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Saturday 28 May : 10am – 7pm
Sunday    29 May : 10am – 7pm

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