Asia Events Exsic was established in Malaysia with key personnel having 20 to 25 years’ experience as consultants in planning, technical support and management of leisure and hospitality projects as well as in the organizing of international and local Exhibitions, Seminars and Conferences.
Asia Events Exsic is a long-established and respected, family-managed company with co-owners who are both scuba divers. Scuba diving embraces all ages from the very young to the old, and ranges from amateur dive enthusiasts to professional and research-oriented divers with a membership and interest that spans the globe. Asia Events Exsic strives for excellence in the promotion and marketing of scuba diving in all its forms. It is a company dedicated to the enjoyment and safety of all who participate in this wonderful underwater experience be it for recreational, sporting, professional or research-oriented reasons. Asia Events Exsic enjoys a reputation as a leader in dive event organisation and management, a direct outcome of developing cooperative business relationships worldwide underscored by the hard-work ethic and dedication of its co-owners, managers, administration and events team.

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