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The Be A Diver program was initiated to cater for Non-Divers & To Be A Divers to create awareness scuba diving, learn about Marine Conservation and to bring about understanding the treasure of the underwater world. The program also provides a simple, straightforward message designed to entice the public to participate in underwater activities especially Scuba diving and to promote the importance of underwater marine life and conservation.

What is unique about the program is that the visitors can have a chance to participate in the pool tryouts for a minimal fee. Not only visitors/participants get a chance to dive but they will also be taught by a certified Dive Master on the dive program itself.

The pool tryouts consist of the basic theories of scuba diving techniques and a practical dive in the scuba pool with the complete scuba diving equipment accompanied by a certified dive master. Each session takes between 15 to 20 minutes.

This program is one of a kind that goes directly to the public by giving them a chance to experience scuba diving while using the actual scuba equipment. It has sparked a keen interest in the hearts and minds of younger generation and youths by giving the opportunity to learn, know or take up scuba diving as hobby, sport & career.

This project will continue to attract interest of younger generation, youths and also the public in general to the sport of scuba diving. Further to certify more responsible divers on every event program organized.

For more information on the pool tryout send an email to for Malaysia Show and for Australia